Process Documentation - What is a Policy?

November 10, 2023 Surya Nair

This blog is the fifth in a series on “Process Documentation”. As each blog is released, its title will become an active link. 

  1. Process Documentation -  an introduction
  2. The importance of documenting key processes
  3. Benefits of process documentation
  4. Understanding the 3 Ps
  5. What is a policy?
  6. What is a process?
  7. What is a procedure?
  8. How to design an effective process workflow
  9. How to implement your process workflow
  10. Quick steps for creating process documentation


What is a Policy?

A policy is a set of rules and guidelines that must be followed to meet organizational objectives. Typically defined by senior leaders in an organization, a policy states the organization's objectives regarding its business operations and lays out the guidelines to be followed to meet the stated objectives. 

A well-defined policy clearly establishes the standards that members of the organization should adhere to for quality assurance and regulatory compliance. While policies drive the processes and procedures, they usually do not identify any specific process or provide details on the actual steps required to implement a process.  

A policy document is a helpful resource that explains the following: 

  • What is covered by the policy and what are its objectives 
  • Who must adhere to it 
  • Why is the policy required 
  • Who is responsible for governing and enforcing the policy 
  • When does the policy come into effect, and until when will it be effective  

Updates to policies are typically minimal as they mostly deal with rules and objectives regarding core business operations and are not likely to change often. 


Here are two policy objective statements regarding training in an organization:  

  • Design training programs to enable professional and skill development for all technical employees in the Engineering division.  
  • Standardize training practices and ensure that the training programs meet the stated quality objectives of the organization. 

What follows policy is process. For a simple definition of a process, read my next blog here.

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Process Documentation - Understanding the 3 Ps
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Process Documentation - What is a Process?
Process Documentation - What is a Process?

This blog is the sixth in a series on “Process Documentation”.


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