Short videos on ASCENT's capabilities.

  • ASCENT's Professional Services2:34

    ASCENT's Professional Services

    Effective communication makes the difference when helping employees understand what needs to get done, or helping end-users understand your products. Watch this video to learn how ASCENT’s team can

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  • Discover ASCENT2:09

    Discover ASCENT | Join our 'tour' of ASCENT to discover how we support engineering professionals and students who need to advance their design engineering skills. ASCENT’s educational content

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  • Targeted Learning Via Tailored Curriculum2:50

    Targeted Learning Via Tailored Curriculum

    Did you know ASCENT offers tailored curriculum so you can reach your specific training goals? This video explains how ASCENT supports your learning outcomes by offering four levels of content customiz

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  • ASCENT Online learning courses: eLearning Bundles2:48

    ASCENT Online learning courses: eLearning Bundles

    Did you know? ASCENT’s eLearning Courses are available via the ProductivityNOW Online Learning Portal. Available through annual subscription, eLearning allows learners to complete fundamental through

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  • ASCENT Technical Writing Services Overview2:12

    ASCENT Technical Writing Services Overview| Watch this video to learn about ASCENT’s corporate documentation services. With deep instructional design experience that goes beyond their CAD expertise, the ASCENT team has deve

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  • Tour ASCENT's eLearning Portal: ProductivityNOW8:23

    Tour ASCENT's eLearning Portal: ProductivityNOW

    Spend a few minutes with ASCENT's Director of Product Development as he takes you on a tour and highlights the features of ASCENT's ProductivityNOW online learning portal.

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  • Customized PLM Documentation2:07

    Customized PLM Documentation

    Has your organization invested in a PLM initiative? PLM documentation is often overlooked but is a critical step that ensures your organization reaps the full benefit of PLM implementation. ASCENT's i

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  • Engineering Change Request: A Sample interactive eLearning module from ASCENT4:46

    Engineering Change Request: A Sample interactive eLearning module from ASCENT

    Attached is a sample interactive eLearning module based on custom content ASCENT created recently for some of our PLM customers looking for stand-alone content in support of a technology roll-out. Thi

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  • Autodesk Certification Preparation Books from ASCENT2:21

    Autodesk Certification Preparation Books from ASCENT To help you prepare for the Autodesk Certified Professional exams, ASCENT offers Official Certification Preparation books. Prepare for the Autodesk Professiona

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