Learning Guide Updates Part 1: Vault 2024 for Inventor and AutoCAD Users

June 5, 2024 Barb Nash

This blog is the first in a blog series describing the updates to the ASCENT learning guides for Autodesk Vault 2024. These updates are a response to requests from end users and instructors for focused learning guides for each user type, Vault software, and database setup.
If you would like to view the other blogs in the series, you can access them via the links below:  

This blog covers the new and integrated learning guide - Autodesk® Vault 2024 for Inventor® and AutoCAD® Users.  In previous versions of Vault, this content was released as two separate guides: Autodesk® Vault Professional Data Management for AutoCAD® Users and Autodesk® Vault Professional Data Management for Autodesk® Inventor® Users.  
Below is a summary of the main updates: 

Title Change 

The new guide is titled, Autodesk® Vault 2024 for Inventor® and AutoCAD® Users. This guide integrates the content for both Inventor and AutoCAD users into a single guide, to give Vault 2024 users the added advantage of having all the content in a single source.  

New Audience

The audience for the new guide is primarily Inventor and AutoCAD users who use the Autodesk Vault software (Basic or Professional) to store and manage their design files. Although the guide focuses on the end-user features for managing Inventor and AutoCAD designs in Autodesk Vault, you can also use it as a reference for other Autodesk CAD software since the design change workflows are similar. Administrators or non-CAD users looking for an introduction to Vault concepts may also benefit from the topics covered. 

New Look and Feel   

A new template for the guide has been applied (for both print and eBook formats). Notes have been moved from the left margin to the main content and shown in blue italic font to stand out. We have received feedback that the guide is easier to read, the reference links to different sections of the guides are appreciated, and the “End of practice” banner at the end of each practice (shown in the image below) helps with navigation when working on and referencing the practices.  

Database Set Up Flexibility 

The previous releases of the user guides, Autodesk® Vault Professional Data Management for Autodesk® Inventor® Users and Autodesk® Vault Professional Data Management for Autodesk® AutoCAD® Users included a training vault that could be attached to work alongside a production vault. In the new guide, this functionality is maintained as “Method A: Attach the Database”. Additionally, on the request of instructors, a new “Method B: Restore the Database” has been added for instances where a production vault is not applicable in a classroom environment. The restore method eliminates the need to set up the users required for the hand-on practices. Note that the included database files work with both Vault Basic and Vault Professional.

Updated Content Structure  

The new and streamlined guide includes 13 chapters. After the introduction to Autodesk Vault features and terminology in Chapter 1, you are oriented to the user components of the Autodesk Vault software, the Vault Client, and the Vault Add-in. You are then introduced to the Vault concepts for adding, modifying, and releasing files in the Working with Files chapter before moving onto the Working with Autodesk Inventor Files and Working with AutoCAD Files chapters.  

Note that you can choose to skip chapters that are not relevant for your training. For example, if you are an AutoCAD user, you can choose to skip the content pertaining to Inventor, or if you are an Inventor user, you can skip the AutoCAD content. For classroom training (virtual or in-person), this book provides you with the flexibility to accommodate both AutoCAD and Inventor users.  

The new guide’s Table of Contents is shown below listing the chapters applicable to each type of CAD user. Note: Highlighted in yellow are Chapters 10 and 11 that relate to Vault Professional-only topics. 
  A table with text on it

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To accommodate both Vault Basic and Vault Professional users, notes have been used throughout the guide to mark content that is specific to each user type. 

Vault Enhancements  

Some of the Vault enhancements to the 2024 software have been included in the guide, such as the following: 

  • The new Copy Folder command to copy the folder structure without copying files
  • The additions of DXF and STEP for publishing and managing DXF and STEP files from CAD files within the design release process 
       A screenshot of a computer

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     Hope you find this summary of changes helpful.  

About the Author

Barb Nash

Product Lead – Learning Content Development<br><br>Barb's primary responsibilities include the design, development, and project management of courseware for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) products such as Autodesk Vault, Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage, 3DEXPERIENCE, ENOVIA V6, and PTC Windchill. Her work also involves the development of custom training that is designed and configured to an organization’s specific environment, processes, and roles. Barb is a Professional Engineer and holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and trained in Instructional Design.

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