The Evolution of Autodesk Vault 2024 Learning Guides

June 5, 2024 Surya Nair

This is an introduction to a 3-part blog series by Barb Nash on ASCENT’s Vault 2024 learning guides. Each blog in the series provides an overview of a specific Vault title:

  1. Learning Guide Updates Part 1: Vault 2024 for Inventor and AutoCAD Users
  2. Learning Guide Updates Part 2: Vault Basic 2024 Administrator Essentials
  3. Learning Guide Updates Part 3: Vault Professional 2024 Administrator Essentials

In this blog, we introduce you to our Vault 2024 guides (listed above) and explain how these titles have evolved from our Vault 2023 learning guide series. 

The evolution explained

Until the 2023 version of Vault, ASCENT learning guide series had separate titles for each Vault software, and both the admin and end user features for a software were covered in the same guide. This changed with the release of Autodesk Vault 2024.

In the Vault 2024 learning guide series, ASCENT made significant improvements to the content and renamed the guide titles to accommodate software changes by Autodesk as well as requests from trainers/users for separate guides for the two user types - end users and administrator users. Keeping our focus on each user type for Vault Basic and Vault Professional, we integrated and reorganized the existing content as required to create more tailored guides and avoid redundancy in content between the guides.  

Our content restructuring efforts enabled us to simplify and streamline our Vault 2024 series to have 3 titles - a single title for end users of both Basic and Professional (Autodesk® Vault 2024 for Inventor® and AutoCAD® Users), and a title each for admin users of Basic (Autodesk® Vault Basic 2024 Administrator Essentials) and Professional (Autodesk® Vault Basic 2024 Administrator Essentials). 

The 4 key changes to our Vault 2024 series are:

Discontinued the following learning guides

Note: The guides listed in the table below are being discontinued only going forward (version 2024 onwards). For users interested in buying these guides for previous versions of Vault (such as 2022 or 2023), they are still available on the ASCENT estore.

Created a single guide for both Vault Basic and Vault Professional end users

  • A guide that covers the essential end-user features of Vault was created by combining the Autodesk Vault for Inventor Users and Autodesk Vault for Inventor Users guides and adding the required updates for Vault 2024. 

  • The new guide is titled Autodesk® Vault 2024 for Inventor® and AutoCAD® Users. 

Note: This guide is not limited to Inventor or AutoCAD users only; it could be used as a reference by users of any Autodesk CAD software, which has design workflows like Inventor/AutoCAD. 

Created a Vault Basic guide with focused content for admin users 

  • With a focus on the admin features in Vault Basic 2024, the Autodesk Vault Basic: Essentials guide was updated and renamed to create the new title, Autodesk Vault Basic 2024 Administrator Essentials. 

  • Some of the end user features covered in the 2023 Basic Essentials guide are included in the 2024 guide too, as it can be helpful for new administrators to get started with Vault. 

Created an improved Vault Professional guide for admin users

  • With a focus on the admin features in Vault Professional 2024, the content from both the Autodesk Vault Professional: Essentials and the Autodesk Vault Workgroup 2023: Essentials guides were integrated and updated to create the new title, Autodesk Vault Professional 2024 Administrator Essentials.

  • The end user features covered in the 2023 Essentials guides, which may be helpful for new administrators, are also included in the 2024 guide.

Here’s a quick reference table that lists the Vault 2023 and 2024 guides based on user type. We hope this helps you in identifying which guides are relevant for your Vault learning requirements 

If you have any questions or feedback on any of our titles, send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you. 

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