Today’s Technical Writing – More than Instructions and Manuals

September 18, 2020

Traditionally, companies hired technical writers to end frustrations caused by confusing instructions in print manuals. Then they turned to writers for online help (on web pages and applications)  that provided quick answers and enabled them to reduce the size of their support staff. Today, companies need to differentiate themselves from the competition with diverse multi-media product documentation that are clear, easy-to-read, and present credible information. To do this, many are expanding their use of technical writers for help with:

  • Launching new products - Build a reader’s enthusiasm for your product by giving them all the information required to understand the product and why they need it. From detailed product descriptions to press releases, blog posts, and even short social media posts, professional writers will make sure all pieces:
    • Convey a consistent message
    • Highlight benefits relevant to the intended audience
    • Contain the required tags to show up in internet searches
  • Bringing information on under-performing products to the right readers - White papers and case studies are good starts, but do the right people read them? Writers will:
    • Edit existing documents to highlight how the product addresses customer issues
    • Rewrite documents to meet best-practice standards for readability and clarity
    • Create email and social media campaigns that highlight product benefits and provide links to more details
  • Creating and maintaining product documentation  - On-going updates and maintenance of the product documentation is important. Routine maintenance will ensure:
    • Information in the document is always current and reliable
    • Time spent on customer support is reduced

​By outsourcing the technical documentation work, a company that doesn’t need a full-time writer can still have strong and effective documentation.

Here are some examples of the technical writing work we've completed for our clients. Perhaps you're looking for something similar? If so, please reach out!

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Rise Above the Competition with Clear and Credible Documentation


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