Rise Above the Competition with Clear and Credible Documentation

September 18, 2020

Your employees are experts at designing, developing, and building products or services. Wouldn’t it be a great value add to your organization if you hired professional writers who can create the required content in less time so your technical employees could continue to focus on their areas of expertise?

Using professional technical writers

Skilled writers use their experience and expertise to develop professional technical documents in a timely manner.  They can use information from your SMEs (gathered through interviews and/or your existing documentation) and develop documents that:

  1. Focus on key points: Content won’t be bogged down with unnecessary details
  2. Speak to your targeted reader: They'll use a level of detail appropriate to the reader - whether it's a manager, engineer, operator, etc.
  3. Communicate clearly and concisely: Readers prefer short documents!
  4. Make the key messages pop: Proper use of font styles, colors, and sizes ensure that even those who skim the document will not miss key points
  5. Eliminate spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors: A thorough review for spelling and grammar helps avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes, inconsistent use of voice, tense, and punctuation marks or other grammatical errors and leaves the reader with a good impression

Documentation quality is directly associated with how your organization is perceived by the reader. A good quality document affirms the reader’s confidence in the quality of your products and your organization. By outsourcing the technical documentation work, a company that doesn’t need a full-time writer can still have strong and effective documentation.

At ASCENT, we have been helping customers develop effective internal and external communications for years. Here are a few examples of our work:

If you'd like to learn more about our technical editing & writing services, please contact us! We'd be happy to discuss your project needs.  Email: tech.writing@ASCENTed.com

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