Webcast Follow-Up: Introduction to Vehicle Tracking

October 6, 2020 Jeff Morris

Thanks to everyone who joined my  webinar  introducing ASCENT’s new courseware, Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2021 Fundamentals.  During the webinar, we covered a few sample exercises from the learning guide:

  • Swept path analysis
  • Parking layout
  • Roundabout design 2D and 3D

Missed the live webcast? Watch the recording here.

The learning guide is broken into Lecture Parts and Exercises, each having intuitive figures, screen captures of the software interface and dialog boxes, step by step instructions and chapter summaries. The dataset has multiple versions of the exercise at various stages of completion.

Here are some interesting questions which arose after the webinar:

Q: For the "Create Parking Lot" example, how do you change the stall dimensions?

A: In the Parking Standards Explorer are all the parking standards that can be used. If the dimensions needed are not part of one of these standards, then you can pick a standard that most closely encompasses your needs, and make a copy of it to your own library. Once in your library you can edit these standards; you cannot edit an existing standard.


Q: Could I use a wheelchair as a vehicle?  For ADA, for example?

A: Currently there are no wheelchairs included in the Vehicle Libraries. However, there is a wizard that guides you through step-by-step how to create a new “vehicle”, so if you have the specs for the wheelchair, you could probably create one. You first need to set up your own custom library to store your customized work.


Q: Can you please show us how to change the colors of the tracking, etc.?

A: For the Swept Paths there is a “Report” Wizard. The term Report is confusing, think of these “Reports” being “Styles”. In these wizards you can step through and control the visibility (off or on) of the various parts of the swept path, along with the colors, linetypes and line weights. Each such Wizard also has an “Advanced” button which allows you to see everything in one table rather than stepping through the various Wizard pages.


Q: Does Vehicle tracking offers reverse driving option s for swept analysis?

A: Yes it does. One of the exercises is to back a truck into a loading dock. Furthermore, one cool option during animation is to switch the camera during backup as to what the driver would see in his rearview or side mirrors to check for any blind spots.


Q: Does the training guide include any exercises utilizing the aircraft tracking?

A: No it does not. There is a good library of aircraft that comes with the software with the ability to view the full extent of the aircraft for swept paths along with the discharge areas of the jets, however we do not cover this in any of our exercises.


About the Author

Jeff Morris

Learning Content Developer<br><br>Jeff specializes in infrastructure tools such as Civil 3D and Infraworks, delivering training classes and contributing to the learning guides for these Autodesk software applications. Jeff has worked for several Autodesk resellers and has had roles of both CAD and BIM Manager with Civil and Architectural firms.

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