AutoCAD® Electrical 2019: Fundamentals with NFPA Standards Learning Guide - Updated

July 10, 2018 Renu Muthoo

I know many of you are waiting for our latest learning guide on AutoCAD Electrical 2019 software. I am pleased to announce that ASCENT’s AutoCAD Electrical 2019: Fundamentals with NFPA Standards learning guide is now available for you to start teaching and learning from. This year, in addition to incorporating the regular updates, one major change to the learning guide is the redesign of a practice in Chapter 10: Symbol Creation. I have replaced the Footprint Database practice with a new practice to incorporate a real-world example from the Electrical industry which both the Instructors and students will relate to. Now the practice flows better with respect to the rest of practices in the above mentioned chapter.

Footprint Database practice:

In Chapter 10 of the learning guide, in Practice 10 e: Footprint Database, you will learn to add a new component to the BOM database. You will also create a new footprint and add the footprint block link to the Footprint database. Finally, you will add the power supply footprints over a DIN rail, as shown in the illustration below.


A summarized version of the various tasks and steps in the practice are provided below.

Add a new record to BOM Database

  1. Add a PHOENIX CONTACT, SINGLE PHASE DIN RAIL POWER SUPPLY with a 0.75 A, 24VDC rating into the Catalog Browser.

Add Catalog

2.    It will be displayed in the BOM, where you can check it.


Create Footprint Symbol

  1. Draw the symbol and add attributes to it in the Block Editor.

Block editor

2. Set the path to save the symbol to the appropriate folder.


3. Save the symbol.

Add Record to the Footprint Database

  1. Using the Footprint icon (Footprint Database Editor), edit the existing table.


2. Add the footprint record into the database.

        Add record

Insert DIN Rail

  1. Insert an AB, 199-DR1 Din rail.


Insert Power Supplies

  1. Insert the power supplies over the DIN rail.


The step by step detailed instructions for the Footprint Database practice have been provided in Chapter 10: Symbol Creation of the AutoCAD Electrical 2019: Fundamentals with NFPA Standards learning guide. Hope you will enjoy the updated learning guide and find the newly incorporated practice relevant to the current industry standards.

About the Author

Renu Muthoo

Learning Content Developer<br><br>Renu has worked with Autodesk products for the past 20 years with a main focus on design visualization software. Renu holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and started her career as an Instructional Designer/Author where she co-authored a number of Autodesk 3ds Max and AutoCAD books, some of which were translated into other languages for a wide audience reach. In her next role as a Technical Specialist at a 3D visualization company, Renu used 3ds Max in real-world scenarios on a daily basis. There, she developed customized 3D web planner solutions to create specialized 3D models with photorealistic texturing and lighting to produce high quality renderings.

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