What’s New in Autodesk Revit 2024: Fundamentals for Landscape Design

June 12, 2024 Cherisse Biddulph

It has always been important to me that users who are new to the Autodesk Revit software have a guide for learning the fundamentals of the software so they can be successful and feel confident working within Revit. It is also important that users have easy access to all the files necessary for completing the learning guide. 

With the release of ASCENT’s Autodesk Revit 2024: Fundamentals for Landscape Design guide, you will notice some changes from previous versions of the guide, including a change with the order of chapters in the first section and additional files and templates in the practice files download. Below, I go into more depth as to why these changes have transpired. 


Changes in ASCENT’s Autodesk Revit 2024: Fundamentals for Landscape Design 

Previously, the progression at the beginning of the book had students jump right into drawing Revit elements before they were fully taught datums, the diverse types of Revit families, and how to start a project. In the 2024 learning guide, the chapters in the first section, now called Introduction to Autodesk Revit and Project Setup, were reworked to present a smoother workflow, starting with an introduction to Revit, then moving into how to start a project (including linking and importing files), creating levels and grids, and working with views. This first section then ends with an in-depth look at Revit families before covering the basics of sketching and the modify tools.    

Revit families and template files that are needed for the guide’s practice exercises have been added to the downloadable practice files folder. This is due in part to the Revit content libraries not being installed with the initial Revit installation. It also makes it easier for users to have everything they need to work through the guide without requiring additional installations. 

Check out the Revit Site Planning and Design blog to review the changes with the site tools that are also a part of the Autodesk Revit 2024: Fundamentals for Landscape Design guide. 

I hope you like the latest changes and find them useful!   

About the Author

Cherisse Biddulph

Learning Content Developer<br><br>Cherisse is an Autodesk Certified Professional for Revit with extensive experience in teaching and technical support. She holds an Associates of Applied Science degree in Architectural Drafting and Design with a focus on Interior Design. In her career spanning over 20 years in the industry, she has helped many firms with their CAD management and software implementation needs as they modernized to a BIM design environment. Today, she brings her passion for design and architecture to all the learning content she creates.

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