Webcast follow-up: Maximize the Design Collaboration tools available in BIM 360

March 23, 2020 Cherisse Biddulph

I want to thank everyone for attending my webcast on Maximizing the Design Collaboration tools. In the webcast I talked about and demonstrated the process of utilizing the BIM 360 Design Collaboration tools which is taken from our BIM 360 Fundamentals guide. This webcast was geared towards users who wanted to learn more about working with Design Collaboration within BIM 360. Topics that I covered in this webcast:

  • Overview of BIM 360.
  • Preparing your Revit models for BIM 360.
  • Overview of the Design Collaboration module.
  • Creating shared packages.
  • Consuming shared packages.
  • Reviewing and comparing design changes.
  • Identifying issues within Design Collaboration.
  • Establishing how Revit and BIM 360 will communicate
    (live vs. manage linking).

For those who couldn't attend we have posted the recording which you can view here:

Below are some questions that came up during the webcast:

Question: ­This is helpful, but is there a similar webex for Civil 3D design collaboration? 

Answer: In general, the functionality for Civil 3D is a little behind where BIM 360 Design is with Revit. We have covered this content in one of the chapters in our BIM 360 Fundamental guide. Thanks for the idea for a future webcasts.


Question: How to get started with BIM360. Should I start with BIM360 docs?

Answer: You can access BIM 360 from this link https://docs.b360.autodesk.com/ as long as you have a BIM 360 license that has been activated or you have signed up for a free trial. 

In order to access BIM 360 Design Collaboration, like I did was in my presentation you or the Account Administrator would need to activate a BIM 360 Design license and activate the Document Management (BIM 360 Docs) and Design Collaboration Services (BIM 360 Design). BIM 360 Design includes BIM 360 Docs as shown in the diagram below.

BIM 360 Product guide


Question: Why do you have to sync and publish your model in Revit?

Answer: In Revit when you sync with central your model is synced with the central file stored on the Autodesk Revit server. Users who are working on the same model as you will get those changes much like they would if you were working off a local server on a file based workshared model.  The act of publishing the model publishes the model at its current state from the Autodesk Revit server to the BIM 360 server, this allows other teams access to your file provided permissions have been setup properly by your Project Administrator. This is also covered in chapter 4 of the BIM 360 Fundamentals guide.


Question: Do you have to consume in order to review an issue?

Answer: No, you do not have to consume a package in order to review it. In fact you may not want to consume the package at all based on the review. Also if you are reviewing the package and find an issue you can create an Project Issue from the Document Management module and assign it to that team to review and address. Project Issues are covered in Chapter 3: Analysis and Communication of the BIM 360 Fundamentals guide.


Question: Does Reload latest update to the most recent changes to the central model? or does it make sure that Design Collaboration has the latest published sets from their teams Doc's folder?

Answer: Within Revit from the BIM 360 node, clicking on Publish Latest updates the model from the central model stored on the Autodesk Revit server. Within BIM 360 Document Management, if you click on Update to latest this will update the published model to the latest version. 

Thanks again and don't forget to check out the BIM 360 Fundamentals guide on the ASCENT website.

About the Author

Cherisse Biddulph

Learning Content Developer<br><br>Cherisse is an Autodesk Certified Professional for Revit as well as an Autodesk Certified Instructor. She brings over 15 years of industry, teaching and technical support experience to her role as a Learning Content Developer with ASCENT. With a passion for design and architecture, she has worked in the industry assisting firms with their CAD Management and software implementation needs as they modernize to a Building Information Modeling (BIM) design environment. Although her main passion is the Revit design product, she is also proficient in AutoCAD, Autodesk BIM 360, and also Autodesk Navisworks. Today, Cherisse continues to expand her knowledge in the ever-evolving AEC industry and the software used to support it.

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