Targeted Learning via Tailored Curriculum

November 15, 2019 ASCENT

When you think of ASCENT, you likely think of our printed CAD training materials, instructor guides or eBooks. But, maybe your situation would benefit from something other than standard learning content.

In some cases, learners may benefit from curriculum that is tailored to their specific environment or project. ASCENT can help support your unique training goals by offering four levels of content customization to target learning:

  1. Customization by Topic

Our first level of customization enables you to select the topics you need from ASCENT’s existing library of content. The result is a tailored curriculum that delivers skills training specifically focused on exactly what your team needs to know.

  1. Practice-Based Customization

The second level of customization is incorporating your company’s unique models in the practice exercises. Practicing skills using your designs makes the learning more relevant to your users. Content that is more relevant will be more effective at holding a learners’ attention and result in higher retention.

  1. Workflow

With the third level of customization, ASCENT will weave your workflows into their standard content. These may include adding your start-parts to models used in practice exercises, adding your steps for data management, adding references to your standards -- and more. Training content is written in the context of your work environment in order to make an easy transition for learners that will be working on your projects in your environment.

  1. Unique, Original Curriculum

Perhaps you need training on a custom software application or a specific methodology?  In this case, clients rely on our level of customization that provides content unique to you. By leveraging our experienced team of instructional designers, engineers and technical writers, we can develop original training content, just for you.




Choosing the ASCENT targeted learning solution that is best for you ultimately depends on your learning objectives. We’d be happy to assist in helping you determine the best solution for your organization. Contact us to learn more:

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