Hands-on Copy Design Functionality in Vault 2020! Webcast Follow-up

August 12, 2019 Barb Nash

Thank you again to those of you who joined our webinar, Hands-on Copy Design functionality in Vault 2020! We have posted the recording on the ASCENT YouTube channel at: https://youtu.be/kwcrj4QZCno. The hands-on software simulation shown in the webcast can be accessed here.

The webcast and software simulation were prepared for: 

  • Anyone interested in learning about Copy Design in Vault Professional 2020 from an Inventor or AutoCAD user’s perspective
  • Anyone interested in hearing more about the interactive eLearning option of software simulations, or trying out the Copy Design software simulation hands-on

Topics covered in the webcast:

  • Created new designs using Copy Design in Vault Professional 2020 (examples used Inventor files and AutoCAD files)
  • Differentiated between Copy Design operations
  • Identified the new Copy Design functionality in Autodesk Vault Professional 2020

Below are some questions that came up during the webcast:

Q: ­2019 Copy Design was able to be "rolled back" to the original interface by modifying a config file for Vault.  This 2020 version looks better but do you know if we'll still have the ability to choose to use the original CD interface?­

Yes, the ability to choose is still available, as shown at: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/search-result/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/How-can-the-old-Copy-Design-be-enabled.html

Q: ­Can the Vise2.idw now be also chosen to be moved to the new folder?­

If Vise2.idw is set to Auto, it will automatically be moved to the same folder as Vise2.iam.

Q: ­­­Does the AutoCAD xref need to be in vault already for the replace or can a user navigate to an external location....that would then bring that xref to vault?­

The Replace action requires the replacement file to be in Vault.

Q: If you copy something that already has a suffix (so like copying vise2) could you change that to vise3? does vault know that all the selected parts share a common suffix? ­

No, Vault does not know that the selected parts share a common suffix. Therefore, a manual change to the suffix is required. Find and Replace could be used to speed up the process.

Q: ­­­­Does copy design checkout a separate network license?­

Copy Design requires a license of Vault. If it is launched within Vault Client it uses the license that Vault Client uses.

Q: ­­­­I wish there was a CD for the ECO process! :)

Great idea for a Vault IdeaStation submission!! 

Q: ­­­­On Licensing related: Is Vault 2020 tokenized?

Vault 2020 manages licenses in the same way that the previous versions have (2017 and newer). The tokenized system is not publicly available at this time.

Q: ­­­­Apart from the UI, is the functionality same in Vault Basic ? I mean functionality of Copy Design of course.

The Copy Design functionality is reduced in Vault Basic as compared with the version that is included in Vault Professional 2020. However, the actions such as Copy, Reuse, Exclude, and Replace are available, as well as the ability to set the Prefix and Suffix, and the destination folder, for the new design. The differences can also be seen in these two links from Help: Copy Design in Vault Basic 2020 and Copy Design in Vault (Workgroup and Professional 2020).

Q: ­­­­Does replacing a component resolve constraints?

If the replacement component is derived from the original, then constraints should be resolved, except where a constraint is based on a feature that no longer exists in the replacement.  If the components are similar but not derived, it will likely not resolve.

Q: ­­­­Will this work on Creo files as well?

My understanding is that it is not supported at this time. Two references from Autodesk are shown below:



As mentioned in the webcast, the software simulations can be used to capture any standard or custom workflow/process (e.g. Engineering Change Management, New Product Development, CAD Design, etc.) not just Copy Design. The simulation shown uses full guidance prompt callouts but can also be edited to show less guidance using hints, for example, or a callout after a defined number of attempts.

Thank you again! If you have ideas or requests for future webcasts, please let us know.

About the Author

Barb Nash

Product Lead – Learning Content Development<br><br>Barb's primary responsibilities include the design, development, and project management of courseware for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) products such as Autodesk Vault, Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage, 3DEXPERIENCE, ENOVIA V6, and PTC Windchill. Her work also involves the development of custom training that is designed and configured to an organization’s specific environment, processes, and roles. Barb is a Professional Engineer and holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and trained in Instructional Design.

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