Discover the Grading Tools within Civil 3D 2024: Webcast Follow-Up

September 29, 2023 Jeff Morris

Thanks to everyone who attended my webcast where I presented the new course offering from ASCENT titled “Autodesk Civil 3D 2024: Beyond the Basics for Grading”.

For the Civil 3D Grading courseware, there now are two levels of books, “Essentials” and “Beyond the Basics”. The Essentials book is intended to be taught as a three day course covering the basics of Civil 3D. It serves as a starting point for the “Beyond the Basics” course. The Essentials course can be skipped for those who are already proficient with the basics of Civil 3D.

The Autodesk Civil 3D 2024: Beyond the Basics for Grading learning guide is a combination of two previous courses:

  • Civil 3D 2023: Fundamentals for Land Developers (Grading)
  • Civil 3D 2022: Fundamentals for Grading Optimization

The new Beyond the Basics guide has been streamlined to a two-day course for advanced users by removing the “essential” elements from the two previous books. You can find additional lecture content and practices in the three appendices (6 hours of learning time).

Beyond the Basics for Grading covers the following topics:

  • Grading for Land Developers – Overview and Styles
  • Feature Lines (multiple methods)
  • Introduction to Grading Optimization
  • Building Pad Design
  • Parking Lot Design  (two options)
  • Pond Design  (three options)
  • Parcel Grading  (two options)
  • Combining Surfaces

My webcast demonstrated how to grade a detention pond with the classic Civil 3D grading tools and with the Grading Optimization tool. 

Click here to watch the on-demand recording of my webcast.

Below are some questions that were asked during the webcast:

Q: What computer configuration do you recommend for fast Grading optimization?

A: Graphics cards, processing speed, and RAM are very important, but technology changes so quickly that it is difficult to keep up with such developments. Therefore, it is best to go directly to the Autodesk website for recommended hardware: 


Q: Will you have courses on how to work with Hydroflow extensions in Civil 3D?

A: There are no ASCENT courses for Hydraflow extensions or SSA (Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis). I recommend contacting your Civil 3D reseller if they offer custom courses or consulting on such Hydrography application.


Q: Is there much setup required for grading optimization styles, layers, and conditions or is the out of the box setup adequate?

A: The Grading Optimization program does not rely on styles or configuration. Any layers used can be set up according to your own standards. The course does lay out some layer names.

About the Author

Jeff Morris

Learning Content Developer<br><br>Jeff specializes in infrastructure tools such as Civil 3D and Infraworks, delivering training classes and contributing to the learning guides for these Autodesk software applications. Jeff has worked for several Autodesk resellers and has had roles of both CAD and BIM Manager with Civil and Architectural firms.

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