ASCENT Trivia Contest: Answer Key

November 16, 2021 Kareen Eckersley

Thank you to everyone who joined our #ASCENT20Years Trivia Contest and posted your answers either through Twitter or Facebook. We hope you enjoyed playing as much as we enjoyed hosting!

Congratulations to our winner, Kenneth F.!

As promised, here are the answers to the questions:

Question 1: If you bought an ASCENT AutoCAD book, what colour would the cover be?
Answer: Orange (Although we did accept ‘orangey-brown’ which was one of the responses!)

Question 2: Name the lead author of ASCENT's Autodesk Revit learning guides.
Answer: Cherisse Biddulph

Question 3: Name a software (other than Autodesk), that ASCENT writes training courseware for.
Answer: CATIA or Creo (Some mentioned SolidWorks as well, which we accepted as an answer. We don’t author those guides, but we do sell them.)

Question 4: What method of transport is featured on ASCENT’s Inventor, Creo Parametric & CATIA guides?
Answer: Motorcycle

Question 5: What is your preferred learning type? Printed Guide, eBook or Online Learning?
Answers were split down the middle between printed guides and eBooks!  

Question 6: If you are an instructor, what helpful resource does ASCENT offer?
Answer: Instructor Guides or Instructor Tools

Question 7: Remember this AU after party?  What AU was this from? (Name the year)
Answer: 2012
(Note- This was a tough one for everyone, except Elizabeth L. who answered correctly!)


Question 8:
ASCENT Courseware roadmaps provide projected release dates of our Autodesk, Creo and CATIA learning guides. Name one of the colours of the Road Sign images.
Answer: blue (AutoCAD Roadmap), green (CATIA Roadmap), orange (Creo Roadmap)

Question 9: How many courses are included in the Autodesk Civil 3D eLearning Bundle?
Answer: 4
Courses Include: 
• Autodesk Civil 3D: Fundamentals 
• Autodesk Civil 3D: Fundamentals for Surveyors 
• Autodesk Civil 3D: Fundamentals for Land Developers (Grading)
• Autodesk InfraWorks: Fundamentals for Conceptual Design & Visualization 

Question 10: Name this ASCENT author and Autodesk University speaker
Answer: Jennifer MacMillan

Question 11: How many pages does the Autodesk Revit 2022: Fundamentals for Architecture have?
Answer: 740

Question 12: If you missed one of our webcasts, where can you find the recorded presentations? 
Answer: YouTube or ASCENT Resource Center

Question 13: What year did ASCENT start its Twitter/Facebook account?
Answer: 2009

Question 14: How many hours is ASCENT’s Autodesk 3ds Max 2022: Fundamentals learning guide?
Answer: 32

Question 15: In 2005, ASCENT exhibited with its first stand-alone booth at Autodesk University. Where was AU held that year? Name the City and/or State.
Answer: Orlando, FL

Question 16: Name one of the services that ASCENT offers.
Answer: Technical Editing and Writing, Customization, Content Development

Question 17: Where on the website will you find Technical Writing tips & tricks from ASCENT's Technical Writers?
Answer: Blog posts and the Technical Writing page

Question 18: Who is presenting ASCENT’s next webcast?
(Bonus entry if you name the webcast topic)
Answer: Jeff Morris / Getting Started with Grading Optimizer 

Questions 19 & 20 were opinion-style questions.

Thanks again to all who participated!

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