Updates to the Autodesk Revit 2019: Fundamentals for MEP Learning Guide

Martha Hollowell

By Martha Hollowell

The next book in our Autodesk Revit series is out now: Autodesk Revit 2019: Fundamentals for MEP and you can find out more here.

Thank You

As I mentioned in our Revit Architecture update blog a couple of weeks ago THANK YOU to all those who give us feedback. It always helps us make the book better. To send us your insights, please email us at feedback@ascented.com. We review every comment that comes in and make changes where appropriate.

Changes to the MEP Learning Guide

We have made a few changes to our MEP learning guide. You will notice the new name for one thing. We are renaming all our books to match the fact that there is one Revit with multiple uses. Therefore, every book title starts with Autodesk Revit 2019 and then explains what this book is about, in this case,  Fundamentals for MEP.

Additional changes we made include:

  1. The order of some topics:
    1. Chapter 2 - Basic Sketching and Modify Tools includes all modify tools now (like Revit Architecture). For the practices in this chapter I added elements that students have not yet learned to create so the focus is more on the modification.
    2. Chapter 7 - Basic System Tools was Chapter 3 but has now been moved later in the course just before the discipline specific sections.
  2. Linking CAD files added to Chapter 3 - Starting System Projects. (It was in Appendix before.)
  3. Batch Copy Fixtures moved to the end of this same chapter because the process flowed better.
  4. More discipline-specific practices added in chapters where there are multiple disciplines taught at the same time.

MEP practices

Behind the Scenes

A couple of other things that have been changed are like many of the changes to the Autodesk Revit software – they are behind the scenes and you won’t see them, but they make our lives easier especially when we are customizing the learning guides.

Customizing Learning Guides

Did you know that all our learning guides can be customized? For example, if you are part of a company that only does electrical work there is no reason to include the HVAC and Plumbing specific content. Or, if you need some information that is in other guides such as BIM or Collaboration Tools we can gather individual chapters together in one guide. We actually have Five Levels of Customization. For more information on this check out our services here.

I hope you enjoy using the latest version of our learning guides. Keep in touch and we will let you know when additional titles come out.

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