Troubleshooting Duct Connection Issues When Upgrading from Revit 2023 to 2024

In my blog post, What to Do with All the Orphaned Revit MEP Elements, I outlined a valuable solution for resolving orphaned MEP elements that enable you to focus on your design work. Today, I would like to delve into a related issue that can arise during the process of upgrading from a previous Revit version: the disconnection of ducts.  

During the upgrade process of an MEP project, you may encounter a range of issues, varying in severity from minor inconveniences to more significant challenges. One issue that I have seen while upgrading an MEP project from Revit 2023 to 2024 is duct tap branches being detached from a main duct run. Here are some solutions to overcome this challenge. 

In the warning dialog box, click Expand>>.

A dialog box opens displaying a list of all the warnings. You can expand the nodes next to each warning to see more information, but I prefer to click Export…, and in the Export Revit Error Report dialog box, navigate to my desired location and click Save.  

  • By selecting export, you can save these warnings in an HTML file. 

A screenshot of a computer

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Open the HTML file that was exported. Like the dialog box that displays all the warnings and element id numbers, the HTML file displays this information as well and can easily be referenced.