Updates to the Autodesk Revit 2019: Fundamentals for Architecture Training Guide

Martha Hollowell

By Martha Hollowell

The mainstay of our Revit courseware Autodesk Revit 2019: Fundamentals for Architecture is available and you can find out more here.

First, I want to say THANK YOU to the people who gave feedback after using our previous guides. We always appreciate useful comments and want to make our training guides work the way you want them to work. To send us your insights, please email us at feedback@ascented.com. We review every comment that comes in and make changes where appropriate.

New in Autodesk Revit 2019

There are a number of nice updates to Autodesk Revit 2018.1, 2018.2 and 2019 that we have incorporated in our training guide. Many of them just roll into our existing content and new users will never know they didn’t exist. You will feel that way too once you spend some time using them. My favorite is the window tabs. It is nice to be able to jump between open views without having to search for them in lists.  


We include links to where the updates have been applied in the Index.



Updates to the Revit Architecture Fundamentals Training Guide

A few changes were made to the order of the training guide as requested by several reviewers.

  • Some basic information on Revit Links is now included where we discuss CAD Links. The chapter is now named “Starting Architectural Projects” which is similar to the Revit Structure and MEP Fundamentals training guides. It is not exactly the same because Architects are typically the ones starting the project and don’t use links until later in the process. The advanced coordination tools are covered in Collaboration Tools training guide.
  • Room elements have been moved to the chapter with walls. This allows room names early in the development and also allows for doors to be numbered according to rooms – a standard practice.
  • Some practices have been simplified to focus on what was taught in the chapter. You will see this mainly in the Walls and Detail chapters. All the wall practice tasks are still available but moved to an optional practice at the end of the chapter. I removed all but 2 of the detail practices because there was significant repetition in the processes.
  • The stairs chapter has been totally reviewed and updated. More has been done to these features over the last several years and so I “started from scratch” in a sense to rewrite this chapter.
  • Keynotes has moved to the appendix.

Updates to All the ASCENT Training Guides

A big update to all the training guides is our new Instructor Guide. It is a full copy of the student guide with timing, answers to questions, access to overheads all available without having to juggle two books. To see more about our general updates watch the video: ASCENT Webcast: Autodesk 2019 Courseware Updates on our YouTube channel.

We hope you all enjoy the changes.

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