Webcast Follow-up: Revit Fundamentals for Interior Design

Thank you to all those who joined me in my webcast introducing ASCENT's new courseware Autodesk Revit 2022: Fundamentals for Interior Design.  For those who couldn't attend, we have posted the recording of the webcast here.

During the webcast I covered the following:

  • Why we created the Autodesk Revit: Fundamentals for Interior Design guide.
  • An overview of what is covered in the guide.
  • A look at the specific interior design content included in the guide.
  • Software demonstration of the following practices:
  • 5a: Create Materials
  • 7c: Create a Group
  • 12a: Use Design Options

Here are the questions asked during the Q & A:

Q: Is there a benefit to creating a group, let's say for the table and chair example, versus doing a nested family?

A: Creating groups requires less knowledge to work with and they are simpler to create.  Creating nested families can be complex.

Q: When the stakeholder changes their mind and wants to go back to Option 1 after you deleted views, can those be recovered?

A: They cannot be recovered after they are deleted in Revit and the file is saved. I would always create a backup of the model before I accepted any of the design options as primary.

Q: What is the recommended length of the training?

A: This is a 4-day course, with each day being an 8-hour day.

Q: Does the book address a great deal in the way of scheduling interior finishes?

A: In Chapter 17, I address schedules and how to create a key schedule that ties to each room in the building and the finishes within them.

Q: How did you create the cut 3D view of the restaurant plan?

A: In Chapter 4: Working with Views, I cover how to create various views, including the 3D view that is oriented to a plan view.

Q: How was the rendered image created in the webcast?

A: This was rendered within Revit using the Render in Cloud feature.

Q: If you create images of design options and then you accept different options as the primary, will the images be deleted?

A: No, those images will not be deleted. You would want to make sure that you delete those from the Project Browser in the Renderings section.

Q: Is all of this in version 2013 and/or 2017?

A: The book was written for Revit 2022 and the Revit practice files can only be opened in Revit 2022 or higher.


Thanks again for attending the webcast. Here at ASCENT, we are always looking for feedback from both users and instructors of our guides. After a careful analysis of the feedback, we incorporate changes to the guides to make them more accurate and keep them up to date with the latest industry trends. To submit feedback, please email us at: courseware@ASCENTed.com

For more information and to purchase the print and eBook formats of this guide, click here.

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Learning Content Developer<br><br>Cherisse is an Autodesk Certified Professional for Revit with extensive experience in teaching and technical support. She holds an Associates of Applied Science degree in Architectural Drafting and Design with a focus on Interior Design. In her career spanning over 20 years in the industry, she has helped many firms with their CAD management and software implementation needs as they modernized to a BIM design environment. Today, she brings her passion for design and architecture to all the learning content she creates.

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