Engineering Change Request: A Sample interactive eLearning module from ASCENT

Attached is a sample interactive eLearning module based on custom content ASCENT created for some of our PLM customers looking for stand-alone content in support of a technology roll-out. This example shows Dassault’s ENOVIA but could be applied to Vault, Windchill, Teamcenter or any similar platform. There are several features and components to notice in this sample learning module:

  • The content is narrated with a text-to-speech voiceover which is very cost-effective vs. recording with a live voice, however, we can do either.
  • The CC button in the control bar will optionally show closed captioning as the voiceover plays.
  • The ECR Creation Process, following the Introduction slide shows one example of how a topic can be presented. As the narration continues, you’ll notice different areas of the content highlighted.
  • The Video: Step 1 Create ECR Object slide includes a video demonstration of a process in the software. Click the play icon in the center of the image. The video transcript appears in the frame on the right side along with buttons to download a PDF of the transcript and another to save a local version of the video. As the video plays, it can be expanded to full screen.
  • The Hands-on Practice slides contain a exercise completed with a software simulation. As you begin the exercise it appears that you are in a live ENOVIA environment. Guidance in the form of callout prompts appear on the screen to take you through the steps of creating a change request. This particular example provides step-by-step guidance, and we create some that require the learner to apply their knowledge with less guidance. The value of this type of exercise in the form of a simulation is that it doesn’t require access to a live PLM environment. No test or training environment is required. Learners can repeat the tasks as many time as they would like without requiring any reset.
  • The Knowledge Check slide provides a quiz to validate that key concepts are understood. The scores from quizzes like this can be recorded in an LMS.
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