The importance of outsourcing your documentation to a skilled Technical Writing team


Do you ever wonder…

  • Why your documentation is not getting the attention it deserves?
  • Why your company does not have a professional, stylized, and user-focused documentation that all of your employees and/or customers can use?
  • Why your support department is constantly receiving calls and/or complaints about your product?
  • If negative product reviews and/or feedback are a direct result of poor documentation or lack of it?
  • How to cut costs of creating product documentation?


If you ever asked yourself these or similar questions, here are some reasons to consider outsourcing your documentation to an external professional technical writing service:

  • A fresh perspective: An outsourced, technical team can have a fresh perspective on your company’s structure and help you understand what and if something can be improved upon or if a fundamental component is missing in your company’s documentation.
  • Not everyone is a writer: Your organization may have several subject matter experts, but that does not necessarily mean they are experts when it comes to creating documentation. Professionals in different industries- whether they be engineers, developers, IT admins, HR personnel, etc. - are knowledgeable in their field of work, but often are not writing for the target audience that the documentation is intended for. That is where a team of skilled and qualified technical writers can help your team turn that complex information into clear, user-focused, easy to follow and understand documentation which can be easily updated over time. A technical writer can think of the content from a user’s perspective and not the designer’s perspective.
  • Let everyone focus on their area of expertise: Outsourcing your documentation writing to a technical writing team essentially allows your product developers, engineers, quality testers, managers, etc. to focus on the jobs they were originally hired to do without the need for cutting corners due to time constraints and/or other factors.
  • An extra pair of eyes: Technical writers are known for their Quality Assurance abilities. While writing documentation, they are also learning the product to understand how it works. In doing so, they often stumble across various inconsistencies, usability problems, or software bugs, which can easily be fixed before going live with a product. Consider this as a way to “kill two birds with one stone.”
  • Managing peak production periods: Outsourcing technical writing services can be extremely helpful if your company has peak busy times when releasing a new product or service. Your subject matter experts, developers, or engineers may be too busy with the actual development of the product or testing its quality, that writing the documentation is not a priority.
  • Keeping it to the point: Technical writers can create documentation faster, clearer, and more efficiently than any other department, all without sacrificing quality. This can result in shorter documentation and therefore lower printing costs.
  • No obligation advice and consultation: Technical writing services often include free consultation and advice on how your company could benefit from such a service. A free, short consultation could reveal the key ingredient that your company’s documentation is currently missing.


If you would like to reap the benefits of working with a professional technical writer, contact ASCENT!  We provide no-cost consultations and free editing for the first 2500 words of your project.


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