Datum Targets Now Available in Inventor for Model-Based Definition

With the release of Inventor 2023, you can now create datum targets and then subsequently use these datum targets as datums in your tolerance features. These are ideal in situations where the datum frame reference should be a specific point of contact, rather than using an entire surface (e.g, this may occur because the surface has irregularities preventing the use of the entire surface). For example, in the image below, B1, B2, and C1 were initially created as datum targets and then used to create the tolerance features. 


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To create a datum target: 

  1. In the Annotate tab>General Annotation panel, click (Datum Target). 

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  1. Select existing 2D sketch point(s) or Work Point(s) that exist in the model, or select a location on the model to place a datum target. If you select on the model to place the targets, a sketch is created that you can subsequently edit to fully constrain the points. 

  1. Select one of the three datum target types (Point, Circle, or Rectangle) to define the datum target zone. In the case of the circular or rectangle types, once selected, modify the target zone diameter and/or length and width values, as needed. Note that you are not able to modify the type that is selected once it is completed. If a change is required, you must delete and recreate it. 

  1. Ensure the default Datum Label value is as required; if not, modify it. By default, it uses the next letter in the sequence. 

  1. On the model, right-click on the target and use the context menu options to control its alignment and its placement annotation plane if the default location is not acceptable. 

  1. Click OK to create the datum target. All targets are added to the Annotations folder in the Model browser. 

Once a datum target is created, it can be referenced in a tolerance feature using either the User-Defined Target Plane or User-Defined Target Axis options (shown below). In either of these situations, the datum target and a work plane or work axis must already exist in the model so that they can be selected as references. 



Watch the following video to show how you can create a datum target and use it in a tolerance feature.  

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