Autodesk Instructors: Help is Here!

We all need a little help every now and then- and for those of you teaching the Autodesk software, whether in person or online- we know how much work is involved in class prep.  At ASCENT, we're here to help! Not only do we curate learning materials for students, we also offer teaching aids for instructors. Our goal is to remove the prep work so you can focus on teaching the software.

ASCENT Instructor Guides contain all the same instructional content as a Learning Guide (used by your students), and also includes:

  • Answers to the chapter review questions
  • Timing suggestions to help deliver various sections of the course
  • PowerPoint presentation files (for many of our titles)

To purchase Instructor Guides, choose your Autodesk software, version, then course title. You will see options to buy the Learning Guide and Instructor Guide on the same page - and from there you can choose whether you want your teaching aids in print or eBook format. (Same content, different format!) If you have any questions about our Instructor Guides, please contact us.

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Learning Guides and Instructor Guides from ASCENT
Learning Guides and Instructor Guides from ASCENT

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