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Is your organization embarking on a PLM initiative? Implementing a PLM system can be a significant investment in both time and budget. Unfortunately, many organizations never reap the full benefits. Documentation is an essential, but often overlooked step in the PLM implementation process. Faithfully documenting the proprietary ways in which your PLM system integrates with other in-house applications, workflows, and processes goes a long way to ensure that your business transformation initiative is adopted consistently across the organization. Although every company uses PLM differently based on their unique business needs, many seek similar benefits, such as productivity gains, optimized processes and workflows, reduced waste, faster product development cycles, and more robust innovation. Thorough documentation can help organizations attain these goals. So, why don't all organizations document their proprietary PLM processes? Here are some common roadblocks that companies face when they try to create documentation internally: • Insufficient resources. Organizations may have internal resources that are knowledgeable about PLM, but they are busy evangelizing PLM throughout the company. Although they are closest to the details of the implementation, their time is better spent on change management tasks, rather than documenting workflows. • Lack of expertise with documentation best practices. Documentation best practices such as using diagrams, illustrations, 3D models, or animation to convey concepts, are not skills that everybody has the capability or know-how to include in user level documentation. • Limited in-house knowledge of PLM. If PLM is a new methodology for an organization, there may not be many (or any) employees who have enough PLM knowledge to create comprehensive and compelling documentation. CUSTOMIzeD PLM DOCUMenTATIOn OvervIew Maximizing the rOI of Your PLM Investment: Don't Overlook the Importance of Customized PLM Documentation © ASCenT - Center for Technical Knowledge Documenting PLM processes helps organizations implement a standardized approach to various workflows. As well, having well-written documentation that is thoughtfully designed becomes a reference tool for the organization and its employees.

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